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What is #365daynovel?

You know how there's so much information out there on how to write a novel? It's a lot to sort through. Well, I've picked out the very best articles, videos, and podcasts on the Web—from some of the most trusted experts on the subject—and put it all in the order you need it.

Then I built a virtual coach that guides you step by step, and sends you regular e-mails to keep you on track so you can go from complete beginner to published, selling author in just 365 days.

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How does it work?

It's stunningly simple. Each day, you'll do three things:
  1. Spend 5–10 minutes reading an article, watching a video, or listening to a podcast
  2. Update your Success Journal
  3. Tweet your progress so your friends can cheer you on
Yes, that's really it!

What if I fall behind?

Guess what? You can't! If you are on Day 21, for example, you won't move on to Day 22 until you're good and ready. Meanwhile, your Virtual Writing Coach will e-mail you each morning with guidance and encouragement. Of course, the faster you complete each day's lesson, the sooner your novel will be done.

What is the #365daynovel Success Journal?

When you sign up, you get your own personalized, online Success Journal for keeping track of your accomplishments. Share it with your friends so they can cheer you on!

Why is a success journal important?

Keeping a success journal boosts your confidence, helps you track your progress, and is an effective way to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Once you get in the habit of keeping a success journal, you'll find yourself looking for ways to be successful each day just so you can write them down. Success breeds success!

How does the Virtual Writing Coach work?

Each day, you'll get an e-mail from your Virtual Writing Coach, guiding you through each stage of becoming a published author:
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Publishing
Professional services are offered to help you with each stage, making #365daynovel the perfect start-to-finish solution.

How much does it cost?

It's free! You can go from Day 1 to Day 365 at absolutely no cost.

I've already started my novel. Can I still benefit from #365daynovel?

Absolutely. There's a lot to learn, so just sign up and plan to finish in 365 days—from today.

How does the #365daynovel Writing Challenge work?

At the end of each month, the writers who have recorded the most entries in their Success Journals and have the most cheers for that month will win free book advertising through MyDreamBookTeam. Start anytime! Participation is optional. Learn more

What's with the hashtag name?

#365daynovel is so named to encourage you to post often on Twitter—using the #365daynovel hashtag—to keep your friends and followers up to date on your progress and accomplishments.

And hey, hashtags even work on Facebook these days—just sayin'.

Can I really write a novel in 365 days?

Most definitely! Many writers think it has to take longer, but if you follow the #365daynovel system, it's very much a realistic time frame.

How can my friends cheer me on?

Your friends can "cheer you on" by visiting your #365daynovel Success Journal. Just tweet this link:


Get started on your #365daynovel now!

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